South Boston NDC Income-Restricted Rental Opportunity

South Boston NDC Income-Restricted Rental Opportunity


5 Major Michael J. O’Connor Way, South Boston, MA 02127

46  Income-Restricted Units for seniors 62+

# of Units# of bedrooms PriceIncome Limit
5one-bedroom30% of Household Incomeup to 30% AMI
 *    17one-bedroom30% of Household Income30% – 50% AMI
**   24one-bedroom$1,111 -$1,333 (based on your household size income)over  50%  and up to 60% AMI

*Three units are built-out for persons with mobility impairments

**One unit is built-out for people who are deaf/hard of hearing and/or have vision impairment.

The 22 units affordable to households earning up to 30% AMI and between 30% and  50% AMI  Filled directly through the Boston Housing Authority (BHA)    Applications are available by visiting BHA’s website and printing an application to be mailed in, by completing an application through CHAMP online, or by calling 617-988-3400 and requesting BHA mail you a paper application.  Applications are available at  To apply online please visit CHAMP at

Minimum Incomes (set by owner + based on # of bedrooms + AMI)

Maximum Incomes (set by DND + based on the household size + AMI)

# of bedroomsHousehold  sizeMin-Max Yearly Income 30% AMIMin-Max Yearly Income 50% AMIMin-Max Yearly Income 60% AMI
110 — $24,900$24,901 — $41,500$41,501—- $53,760
120 — $28,440$28,441 — $47,400$47,401 — $61,440

for the 24 units affordable to households earning between 50% and 60% AMI, income minimums do not apply to households with housing assistance such as Section 8, MRVP, or VASH.

Applications are available during the application period for 22 days, from Monday, June 29 – Tuesday, July 28, 2020 from 10 AM – 4 PM and on Thursday, July 9 and Thursday, July 23 evenings until 7 PM and Saturday, July 11, 10:00am – 2:00pm

60% AMI units – To request an application online, please visit After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period. If you cannot complete the application online or from your smartphone, please call us at 617-464-2483 to request that we mail you one and to ask for any guidance you might need to complete the application. When you call, you will be asked for your full name, complete mailing address, and phone number. This is a City and HUD requirement.

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted online or postmarked no later than Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mailed to: 273 D Street, South Boston, MA 02127

  • Selection by Lottery for the units affordable to households earning between 50% and 60% AMI
  • Age Restricted, must be 62 years or older by the move-in date.
  • Asset & Use Restrictions apply.
  • Preferences for Boston Residents.

For more information, language assistance, or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities please call Michelle Zenga at 617-464-2483 or email o’