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Awesome Flag Day Parade and Motorcade

Millions of Americans are Done with Covid-19

‘Flag Day’ may not be an officially sanctioned federal holiday like Memorial Day or Independence Day, but especially today, in 2020, it means more and more to Americans who are proud of Old Glory. They have had enough of seeing it disrespected by disgruntled pampered pro athletes and other Americans, who have an intense dislike for our country but just can’t bring themselves to leave, because they could not find a better place. But the appreciation South Bostonians have for our flag was pretty darn apparent last Sunday and proudly on display for the world to see.

It may have been a Southie first. There was a parade/motorcade that traveled through the streets of the community in honor of Flag Day. The crowd was big, happy and boisterous as the large convoy of cars, decorated with American flags of all sizes and with horns blaring, drove through the neighborhood to the cheers and up raised thumbs of flag waving residents delighted at this beautiful spectacle taking place.

Organizers Mark  McKunes, the members of the Thomas J. Fitzgerald VFW Post 561, the Martin F. McDonough Post and the Castle Island Association along with a number of other dedicated volunteers, came up with the idea and put it all together and it was fantastic. They had the cooperation of members of the Boston Police Department and local elected officials, State Representative David Biele and City Councilor Ed Flynn. Everything went off like clockwork. In fact, it could not have gone any better. Said Mark McKunes “It was a proud day to be an American and we loved all the love and support we got along the route”. It was very emotional to see so many people come together during such a bad time in our country and celebrate the American Flag. It was something Southie needed”.

Because of the virus situation, this was the first year that the Castle Island Association and the local veteran’s posts weren’t able to have the official Flag Retirement Ceremony that happens every Flag Day (and on Veterans Day) at Fort Independence. So, the organizers wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion. And they certainly did.  Well done to the organizers, the participants in the parade and to all the neighborhood supporters who lined the streets; flags in hand to cheer them on.

Next topic – the virus. There are still a lot of people wearing masks, keeping their distance from others, and even staying indoors as much as they can.  I don’t mention it to criticize.  Everyone must do what they feel is best. But more and more people are shedding their masks and going back to their normal way of life and are pretty much done with the whole thing. They don’t much care if Governor Baker likes it or not. The reason for what’s being called the ‘Great Divide’ by some is because of all the confusion and conflicting statements coming from the so-called experts that have people wondering if these ‘experts’ really know what they are talking about.

One week they are saying you must wear a mask for safety, then these same people say well, not really, it’s just symbolic. First, we’re told to stay indoors for safety, then the same people say staying inside for long periods is unhealthy. The young can’t catch it, and then they can. If someone has it, but is asymptomatic, they can easily infect others. But then, not really, that is actually rare. Millions of Americans will die, then well, maybe not. People must be banned from gathering in large crowds (especially at Trump rallies and reopen the country protests), but you’ll be fine, if you’re protesting police and burning down cities.  At this point, and the number is growing by leaps and bounds each day, people are saying enough.  Their heads are spinning, and they are done with it all. Right or wrong, I think I agree.