The 245th Evacuation Day Poster And Essay Contest Topics Announced

South Boston Citizens’ Association President Tom McGrath announced today that because of the tremendous success of the past several years’ contest, the Association will once again sponsor the 2021 Annual Essay and Poster Contests.

       After last year’s outstanding effort put forth by past President Bernie O’Donnell and his committee, they expressed an interest in taking on the challenge of chairing The Essay and Poster Contests. “Bernie always taught me that these contests are a great way to educate and strengthen the interest of the children of the community, I was more than pleased when Bernie offered to head up this Event for the children of South Boston. This year we will open up the High School competition to all students residing in Suffolk County or attends a school in Suffolk County”, Remarked McGrath. Bernie further expressed “One of the missions of the SBCA is to reach out to the young children of this historically rich community, joining the SBCA in promoting, organizing, and judging the Evacuation Day Poster and Essay Competitions is a most fitting way to improve on that mission.”

       The current plan with respect to our annual Evacuation Day activities is to continue to host all the events as we have done in years past, but with additional precautions, including social distancing and face coverings. We will continue to work with Governor Baker, the City of Boston Health Commission, and the National Park Service for the planning of our activities, as we do every year, and will strictly follow their requirements and guidance on all aspects of our hosted events.

       We look forward to working with the community again this year, which commemorates the 245th anniversary of Evacuation Day in Boston. Celebrating Evacuation Day events in the community is a huge undertaking, especially under current circumstances. But thanks to Volunteers and Community Business partners in past years, such as Comcast, Mass Bay Credit Union and City of Boston Credit Union, we at the SBCA are confident we will be able to complete the task and make it possible for the entire community to safely enjoy this year’s commemorative events.

Subject matter has been specifically chosen as follows.

Poster competition Grades 3-5

Subject matter has been specifically chosen as follows. The poster competition is open to all students that attend schools in South Boston. This year’s theme is the significance of Colonel Henry Knox and the Noble Train of Artillery. Poster should be original compositions, in any medium at least 8 1/2 x 11″ but preferably larger.

Prizes are as follows:

First prize$100

Second prize $75

Third prize $25

Essay competition  Grades 6-8

What is the significance of Dorchester Heights ?  Please focus on the history and importance to the South Boston community. Essays should be at least 500 words.

Prizes are as follows:

First place $100

Second prize $75

Third prize $25

This Essay competition is open to all students that attend ALL schools in the City Boston.

Grade 9-12

What role did the smallpox epidemic play in the Evacuation of Boston in March 1776 and the

War of Independence till surrender at Yorktown. How did the epidemic effect General Washington and British Troops. Essays should be at least 1000 words.

Prizes are as follows: 

First prize $150

Second prize $100

Third prize $50

All entries should bear, in an attached envelope, the contestant’s name, school and a means of contacting the entrant, and should be submitted no later than Friday, March 12th, 2021At 5 PM. All entries may be mailed to South Boston Citizens’ Association, P.O. Box 74, South Boston, MA 02127, or can be picked up at schools by a representative of the Citizens’ Association. Entries can also be dropped off at170 M Street.