Still Some Confusion About Getting The Covid Vaccine

There are many people who have already decided that they will not be getting the Covid 19 vaccine.  It’s a personal choice that, as Americans, we all have every right to make.  Some are against having any substance injected into their bodies including Flu, Shingles, Pneumonia shots or anything else really. Again, it’s a personal choice.

But there are also many who want to get vaccinated and should have that option but are frustrated that they are finding it near Impossible to get an appointment, and those who have received an appointment said in some cases that it has taken hours, even days, to get through to someone who can assist and set it up. We understand that ‘red tape’ and other complications are a fact of life in the 21st Century, but when it comes to our health, every effort to eliminate it should be made.

While some are not very concerned with this virus situation, others are scared, actually terrified in some instances. The difficulty they have been facing greatly adds to their anxiety and fear.

What isn’t clear is why with all the time to prepare for distribution on these vaccines must there be so much confusion? While some distribution sites around the state are functioning well, some are working like clockwork, others seem to be in disarray.  If some sites have the process running smoothly, we see no reason why all sites aren’t able to pull it off.  

A lot of people have had it with this whole Covid situation and are pretty much done with following rules and regulations that seem to change almost by the day, as far as how to protect from it. Dr. Fauci himself has come under increased scrutiny, as he has flipped flopped on countless predictions and courses of action. And with so many confusing and contradictory statements coming out, who can blame people for being skeptical? To use an often-heard statement around town – it’s time to “… get their act together.” if officials want to rebuild confidence among the folks who are looking for guidance and help.