Animals Lining Up on the Beach Two by Two Waiting for the Ark.

With the extra rainy month of April that our area has just experienced, now continuing well into the month of May, our damp and soggy neighbors are wondering when, WHEN will spring finally arrive and stay around for more than a day or two? The humorous letters and social media posts have come into this newspaper about reports of animals lining up two by two along the beach patiently waiting for Noah and his Ark to come by and pick them up. Some residents say they are searching the internet, looking for the best deals on canoes and rubber rafts, so they can shop for groceries. It’s nice to see that so many are making the best of and joking about all of this rain and the endless cloud cover. And that’s a good thing since there’s not much we can do about it besides wait it out.

Of course, there are those who insist it’s being caused by ‘Global Warming’ or the updated term ‘Climate Change’. But reasonable and knowledgeable meteorologists have a more accurate term for it called a ‘Rainy Spring’; which have been occurring from time to time for thousands of years. It happens. 

But look at the bright side. Inevitably, the rain will stop, the clouds will clear, and that warm spring sun will break through. And as we head into summer, it will cause the grass and trees to burst forth with a lush bright green and the flowers to bloom, letting us forget the lingering gloom. It always happens. But in the unlikely event it does not, well, it wouldn’t hurt to reserve a seat on that Ark just in case.