In South Boston, Targeting Police Officers Is Not Tolerated

There was a stunned reaction to the report last Friday that an alleged attempt to destroy a Boston Police Cruiser using an incendiary device – a propane tank, took place within the borders of South Boston. The news was so surprising to most South Bostonians because this type of crime just doesn’t take place in this community.

It goes beyond the fact that this neighborhood is a safe one in comparison to so many other places. The bigger reason for the surprise is that South Boston is a section of the city where law enforcement personnel are respected and held in very high esteem. Our police officers have earned the gratitude and appreciation of residents here for the important and often difficult job they have and the professionalism with which they carry out their sworn duties to serve and protect. They are our friends, our neighbors and first responders who are always ready to assist any and all who are in need of these highly trained and courageous Samaritans. What they are not and never should be are targets of those who would injure others and cause mayhem.