We All Love Our Dogs – But

It is believed by many, that dogs are one of God’s greatest creations. Some classify them as ‘angels without wings’. Forever loyal and protective, they give us unconditional love. Whether we’re injured or just sad, they rush in to comfort us.  When we’re happy, they are happy with us. Now to be clear, everyone affiliated with this newspaper is either a current or a former dog owner and definitely dog lovers. But at the same time, we also realize that in some cases, there are limitations to where we should bring them, if we truly want to be considerate of others.

There has been an ongoing situation at Medal of Honor Park at M Street with dog owners and dog walkers bringing their pets to play where school groups and families bring their children. Incidents of tense verbal exchanges and near physical confrontations have taken place between people allowing their dogs to run loose in the area of the South Boston Vietnam War Memorial and teachers and parents with their kids. Reports of excited dogs playfully knocking over toddlers and even nipping at them in their exuberance are not uncommon. Add to this, the dog deposits sometimes left in the area by the occasional owner unwilling to clean up after their pet, and it’s not difficult to see why tempers sometimes flare. And yet, easily in walking distance and within plain sight, there is a beautiful, well kept, fenced in area that Massport has built and designated specifically for dogs to run loose in.  It’s a well-maintained facility that serves a good purpose AND, the dogs seem to love it. But best of all, it is free from small children playing.  It’s for the dogs, not the kids.

Yet, a few dog owners, for whatever reason, insist on bringing their canine pals to the children’s playground rather than the dog park close by. A few have been heard to make such statements as ‘we pay property taxes, so we can bring our dogs any place we want to’.  And unless there are posted signs that read ‘No Dogs Allowed’, they may have a point. But another point to be made is why not try to be good neighbors and respect the needs of others, show some consideration and help lend a hand to protect the public safety?