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Is What’s Going On Disarray, Insanity Or A Plot?

You certainly don’t need me to tell you that there are quite a few unusual things taking place around the country. When I say unusual, I’m being kind.  Most consider a lot of it as bordering on insanity. 

Since the Democrat party has taken over the US Senate, the White House, and continues to hold a razor thin, but shrinking, majority in the US House of Representatives, the country is said by some to be in disarray. It’s probably more accurately described as ‘going to Hell in a hand basket’.

The border and the Covid 19 situation are the first to come to the mind. Is there anyone out there who can explain why keeping some states in lockdown for the stated purpose of stopping the spread of the virus, while throwing open our southern border and inviting thousands of un-tested, unvaccinated illegals to swarm in, many of whom are infected, makes sense? If so, I’d like to hear that explanation. Does this not defy all logic?

While we have Biden (or whoever), Fauci, the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the rest of this motley crew seemingly hoping to keep American citizens in quarantine and wearing masks until mid century, they are not saying a word about the hordes of potential carriers sneaking across the Rio Grande and being flown and bussed to all parts of our country. As far as the question ‘does this defy logic?’, maybe not. Could it be a calculated plan to flood the country with new leftist voters to prop up a dwindling pool?  Don’t rule it out.

These ‘officials’ are furious that the Red States are throwing off the bonds of restrictions, mandates and lockdown, saying they are not taking the Covid situation serious.  But isn’t it Washington and the Blue States who are not the serious ones, when they are trying to enforce these restrictions only on American citizens and NOT the illegals that are being welcomed with open arms and allowed to roam the country? The Conservative-run or ‘FREE’ states are revolting and opening up.  And they are doing just fine because of it.

The US Olympic Committee has given the green light to ‘American’ athletes to protest when they go to the upcoming games. This means that they can show their displeasure with our country – the country they are sent to represent to the rest of the world. Disrespecting our nation’s flag and National Anthem and displaying other forms of tantrums, while the teams from other nations proudly honor THEIR countries by showing respect, might set well with the leftists in our country, but certainly not with the majority of Americans. Personally, while I might not make too many friends with the following comment and I don’t really care, if the American team winds up being a bunch of ungrateful, protesting embarrassments, I hope they lose every event.

Guess what’s racist now? According to a school in Portland Oregon, it’s ‘Evergreen Trees’. The school had decided that they must get rid of their current mascot – an image of a mythical ancient Trojan Soldier.  We can only imagine what reason the kooks at the school had conjured up to make them feel the need to get rid of that one.  But just when they were set to replace it with a seemingly innocent tree, someone stood up and said that a tree would be racist because it could be associated with ‘lynching’. If any readers have a tree in your yard, you might want to consider taking it down quickly or run the risk of having Al Sharpton, BLM and a few college professors picketing out front.

And finally, for this week, the attacks by big corporations, the news media and insufferable Hollywood celebrities against the State of Georgia’s new voter ID law appears to be backfiring, especially since all surveys on the issue conclude that more than 80% of Americans, including a large majority of minorities are in favor of the new law.

The lies coming from the Left about the law causing ‘voter suppression’ don’t seem to be fooling anyone. President Trump has called for a boycott of Major League Baseball for caving to leftist pressure and pulling the All-Star game, and Republican officials are calling for MLB to lose its favored tax status. There is a boycott against the Coca Cola Company for being as cowardly as MLB and the Governor and state legislators in Georgia have drawn a line in the sand and are not backing down an inch from the new law.

Americans are now well aware that when Democrat Party officials jump through hoops doing everything in their power to prevent people from showing an ID to vote, they are hiding something or want as many options to allow them to cheat in elections as possible or both.  It’s most likely both. Their goal is not fair and honest elections, it’s voter fraud and it gets increasingly more obvious by the day.