The Information Center – Protestors and their Selective Compassion



As Americans, the majority of us understand and cherish our First Amendment rights, which certainly include the right to protest, if we believe something is not as it should be. But many of us have a difficult time believing in the sincerity of some of those protesting, as of late. I call it ‘selective outrage’. By that I mean people who protest what they say are injustices against fellow human beings while not caring about or just completely ignoring some of the undisputable wrongs affecting other segments of humanity. I’ll explain.


Crowds are carrying on about President Trump’s election. Now they are screaming about refugees from certain terrorist infested counties being denied entrance to the United States until properly vetted. A while back and more recently too, it was about the Keystone Pipeline and the border wall etc. While we understand they have the right to demonstrate and protest, many of us feel their sincerity and concern for others would be more credible, if they put as much time, effort and passion into the plight of homeless veterans, the genocide and slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and the denial of rights for women at the hands of radical Islamists, the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings (committed also by radical Islamists) and the carnage taking place on the streets of Chicago, which is under siege and now considered the murder capital of the nation. But we don’t. And it’s a sure bet, we won’t see these protestors raising any concern about these issues. Why, because they couldn’t care less. It doesn’t fit with their ‘progressive’ political agenda.


The leftist protestors in the streets do themselves no favors and garner limited support, when they dress in obscene costumes like many did in the Women’s march on Inauguration weekend and carry signs laden with F-Bombs. When they chant things like “F the veterans, they deserve to die” as was heard at several airports during last weekend’s pro-refugee protests, people who may have been open to siding with them are turned off permanently. And certainly, when you include the burning of the American Flag in the turmoil you cause, while smashing windows and looting stores, you make no new friends, but quite a few new enemies. But this is who the radical liberal and leftist portion of the population is. It’s what they do and always have done.


This brings me to last weekend’s Screen Actors Guild or SAG award show. It was the typical boring gathering, where insufferable Hollywood actors, the so-called elites show up to give each other awards, heap praise on one another and put themselves on display to be worshipped by what they feel are the common folk. And as all of these Hollywood snooze fests are becoming predictable and identical to each other, and as the viewing crowds in the TV audiences continue to decline, the 23rd SAG awards was no different. What viewers do remain had to endure the political rantings of these self-absorbed egotists, so in love with themselves, bloviate about their cause of the day. This time it was attacking President Trump, the policy of vetting refugees and of course all the ‘un hip’ and stupid people, which is of course everyone that doesn’t think, live and vote like they do.


But there actually was something new added to the tiresome array of rants this year. The oh so tolerant liberal actor David Harbour proclaimed that some people – anyone who does not take Hollywood’s advice – might have to be “punched in the face”, to which his fellow ‘stars’ cheered and roared their approval. Word of caution to these actors: Doing so isn’t advisable. You might be able to get away with punching someone in the face on stage following a script in your make-believe world. But in the real world, it could get you a trip to the ER.


In closing this week, I just want to comment on someone who has become a new American hero to millions of people across our country.  His name is Matt Uhrin. Many saw the video footage of Mr. Uhrin; who works for Fed Ex delivery in action last week. Matt was driving his Fed Ex truck on a street in Iowa City, when he came upon a group of protestors burning an American Flag. It seems Matt has had enough of seeing this going on and being the patriot that he is, pulled his truck over, grabbed the vehicle fire extinguisher, pushed his way through the crowd of flag burners and took action. First, he blasted the fire out with the extinguisher and then he picked up the flag, cradled it in his arms and pushed his way back out of the crowd carrying Old Glory. Oh yes, he may have also accidently blasted a protestor and physically jostled one or two who attempted to stop him. This news footage went viral all over the world and has inspired many.

God bless you Matt Uhrin and a big well done goes out to the Fed Ex company, which has said Matt will absolutely be keeping his job.