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Old Glory Is Under Attack

The late, great Rush Limbaugh was considered by some to be a polarizing figure. As Americans  know, he was the most popular radio talk show host there ever was for more than 3 decades leading up to his death several months ago. His show was carried 5 days a week on more than 600 radio stations and had 30 million listeners. Loved by Conservatives and a majority of moderates and despised by many liberals, he was controversial because of his hard-hitting broadcasts, often done with humor, where he never backed down. Though his detractors would often rage at the positions he took on the issues, he was seldom proven wrong in what he said, and his predictions always seem to come true.

One of those predictions Rush Limbaugh made was that someday, the liberal left in this country would start waging a war on the American Flag itself. When they started their campaign to get rid of the Confederate Flag years ago, an easy target in many parts of the country, he said that it was just the beginning; a prelude to their main target which was Old Glory itself.  That prediction was scoffed at by liberals who maintained that Limbaugh was just stirring the pot of hatred by making such an outrageous claim. But Rush never backed down from that claim. And once again, he was to be proven right.

The liberal left’s next target was a half-hearted attempt to actually get the POW/MIA banner removed from government buildings, claiming it was somehow racist.  But the Left can find racism in a package of Sunflower Seeds.  Playing the race card is all they have, really. They followed up by claiming the Gadsden Flag, that bright yellow banner with the coiled snake and the words ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ is a racist flag because it flies at patriotic gatherings. The Gadsden Flag was used in the American Revolution and carried by the Continental Marines and today is more popular than ever as it is used to symbolize a pro small government stance and pro gun rights. But just like Limbaugh warned, this too was just a warm up for the Left’s main target – The Stars and Stripes. And this brings us to what’s going on today, a coordinated effort to discredit and eventually get rid of that beautiful Red, White and Blue Banner that flies on high and proudly wherever Americans gather. Most Americans love it, respect it and honor it. Many Leftists hate it and want it gone and don’t even try to hide any longer.

When you see the radicals acting out like spoiled, violent children at their demonstrations, you’ll see the Antifa and Black Lives Matters Flags flying and often the flags of foreign nations waving in the breeze. But the only American flags in sight are the ones they brought along to burn or stomp on. Even in some public-school classrooms, the flag has quietly and mysteriously disappeared and the Pledge of Allegiance and playing of the National Anthem are no longer happening.

Anti-American indoctrination is started early among impressionable children for best results.  An example of that locally in our own community of South Boston was on display recently at the Condon School’s 8th grade graduation ceremony when for the first time, there was no American Flag present and it was announced that unlike other years, there would be no reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance or playing of the National Anthem.

Recently, the insufferable singer, she of questionable talent, Macy Gray, announced to the world her disdain for our flag.  It is old and divisive she shrieked and, of course, racist.  She is demanding it be change from red, white and blue to different colors and that more stars be added. Ms. Gray’s rant was followed up by the discovery that Olympic hopeful, a BMX rider named Chelsea Wolfe made the statement that her main reason for wanting to win a medal at the games was so she could burn an American Flag on the stage. And can we ever forget that during the 2020 election season, it was noticed that at the first debate between the Democrat presidential candidates, there was not an American Flag to be found on stage. They took heat for that but didn’t seem to care.

The point of today’s column is to alert those who haven’t already figured out what’s going on to the fact that our flag is under a massive attack by the disgruntled American leftists, who truly hate our country.  Also, that Rush Limbaugh was right again and that loyal American patriots cannot and will not allow America’s domestic enemies to win this battle.