The Information Center – Still Not Sure about Fake News? Just Turn on Your TV

If a teacher were to ask a high school class or maybe even a middle school group what ‘Fake News’ is, it’s a good bet that a large percentage of those students would know exactly what it is. Because Fake News on the part of our nation’s mainstream leftist media has become so blatant and common that it would be difficult for anyone, even busy and active school kids, not to understand what’s going on. And after what went on last week, if there is anyone who still doesn’t understand what it is, or who can’t recognize it as it comes at us nonstop, then they are probably not paying attention or live in a bubble someplace in California or Amherst, Massachusetts.

First, the so-called news outlet called ‘Buzz feed’ which is now being referred to by many Americans as ‘BS Feed’, put out their story that President Trump directed his lawyers to lie to Congress about the unproven collusion in the Russia investigation. With no proof, the other liberal news outlet jumped on it and ran with it, like it was the truth etched in granite. That is until Robert Mueller’s office, which is certainly no fan of the President’s and probably WISHED it were true, issued a statement saying NO, it was not accurate. When even Meuller disputes it, you know the story must have been BS and yet, even with egg on their faces, which they are constantly wearing  now more than ever, the media continued to push it, until they realized that no one in the public but the diehard Trump haters, were believing it.  And then they dropped it – fast.

Then there was the big controversy with the teens from Coventry Catholic High School in Kentucky that took place at the annual March for Life in DC over the weekend. This year’s March for Life was enormous as tens of thousands of Pro-Life marchers came to protest against abortion.  There were so many marchers they stretch along the route as far as the eye could see, but except for FOX News, the big media outlets gave it virtually no coverage.  They deliberately acted like there was no march at all, because the Pro-Life movement doesn’t fit their agenda, that is UNTIL, the confrontation between the Catholic school students wearing pro Trump ‘Make America Great Again’(MAGA) hats and the Native American/American Indian activist and a group of leftist militants made the news. And here is where the reports became Fake News –  once again.

The press took short snippets of video at the scene, which seemed to show the mostly white school kids harassing the activists. And of course, this cut and cropped 20-second-long video is all the press kept showing over and over again with headlines screaming about young white MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters taunting and terrorizing a Native American veteran. However, the media apparently still hasn’t grasped the fact that it’s 2019 and just about everyone carries a cell phone with video features on it. Those on the scene posted the full version of what took place, which clearly told a different story, not the 20-second edited version the media kept showing. The full version hit social media and suddenly, the American public learned the truth. The students did NOT surround and confront Nathan Phillips, the 64-year-old Indian activist with the drum. In fact, as Phillips later admitted, it was he who approached the students and initiated the confrontation, banging his drum inches away from the student’s faces in what clearly looked like a deliberate provocation. Phillips, by the way, has been involved in other such incidents in the past. But the students held their ground and remained in control at all times. A few feet away, as the full video clearly showed, a group of leftist activist adults were taunting and hurling racial slurs, anti-Christian insults and four-letter words at the Catholic School teens who, to their credit, continued to maintain a remarkable discipline and kept calm throughout.  Prior to the full video being released, the Students were chastised by not only the news media, but also by their school’s officials and even the local Kentucky Archdioceses and even threatened with suspensions.  Once the full story came out, the students received apologies, which they certainly deserved. But of course, not from the hostile news media, who viciously attacked these kids because of their support of the Pro-Life cause and especially because of the red MAGA hats they were wearing.

As several SBT readers suggested, this was similar to a local incident on a smaller scale to the controversy at the Tynan School several months ago, when racist graffiti was painted on the school’s walls and the press unfairly rushed to blame local kids. The details still have not been released, which has caused many locals to suspect it was an example of a cover-up and more Fake News.