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The World is a Better Place With al-Bagdadi Gone

But Some So-Called ‘Americans’ Are Not Happy

The top news of the week was of course the elimination of the biggest terrorist in the world – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. To show his memory the respect it deserves, on this page, I’ll refer to him as ‘The Bag’. I won’t rehash the whole beautifully planned and carried out military operation, by now we’ve all watched and read about the reports and how it went off. President Trump gave the green light to get him. And US Special Forces, the best in the world, did the job with a precision raid. It was magnificent and just what ‘The Bag’ had coming. What I’ll comment on is the sick reaction by so many of those on the left side of the American political divide.

Now bear in mind, The Bag, the founder and leader of ISIS, has been the brutal and vicious terrorist responsible for beheadings, the butchering of Christians, Jews and even other Muslims; men, women and children.  He has ordered entire cities, towns and villages wiped out.  He has tortured, maimed and murdered tens of thousands of people and his goal was to eventually kill every American and Jewish person, worldwide.

In Hollywood, actress Jamie Lee Curtis and several other airhead ‘celebrities’, are sympathetic to ‘The Bag’ and are horrified at the way he was killed. Said Curtis, “He may have died like a coward, but even cowards feel pain”. And of course, she chastised President Trump for being happy that he was dead. The News Media couldn’t wait to jump in as well. The Washington Post referred to The Bag not as the evil murderer he was, but as they called him – an ‘Austere Religious Scholar’. One network attacked the President because he took part of the credit for the raid, saying he had nothing to do with it, then on the same show, lambasted him as some sort of devil because he was responsible for killing this father of three children.

Nancy Pelosi and some of the other Socialist fanatics in the democrat party, took a short break from their never ending ‘investigate Trump’ frenzy, and were furious that the President didn’t consult with them before he ordered the raid. But Trump wanted this operation to succeed so as he said, he didn’t tell them because he didn’t want the plans to be ‘leaked’, as they probably would have been. ‘The Bag’ may have got a warning from some congressional office to get out quick and terrorists would have been waiting to ambush the American strike team. Good call by the President. And as one pundit put it, can we really rule out Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, AOC and the rest of the coven demanding an investigation of the President for not reading ‘The Bag’ his rights? It’s unfortunate that the anger toward President Donald Trump is so intense by those on the left, that they may even have preferred that the raid never happened, or, even worse, that it failed, so this President could not get credit for ordering a job well done. They are that sick and that consumed with hate.

I’ll close this week by highlighting some more of the silly lunacy taking place around the country by ‘progressives’. What’s racist this week? Math. That’s right, at public schools in Seattle, Washington, math has now been classified as ‘racist, dehumanizing, and oppressive’ to “marginalized persons’. Jack O Lanterns are racist. As we’ve all seen, these Halloween symbols now come in many colors besides orange. They are also blue, pink, purple, green etc.  But the black ones are of course racist. Retail outlet ‘Bed Bath and Beyond’ took them off their shelves because of the racism accusations. Using good grammar and getting good grades in school is now racist and said to be a product of ‘White Supremacy’. This revelation comes from a group of college professors (shocker). And speaking of colleges, Oxford University in England, will now prohibit ‘clapping’ to show approval. Why? Because the rapid hand movements and the sound of clapping might set off anxiety to some students and cause them to be ‘triggered’. We could have a field day making fun of all these declarations and the strange and bizarre reasoning that prompts them, but I won’t, at least not this week because well, there are just no words.