ICE Agents have a Tough and Dangerous Job

For more than a year, members of ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been getting roadblocks thrown at them in certain states around the country, primarily in California and New York for just trying to do their jobs. So it is distressing to see legal action being filed here in Massachusetts by the District Attorneys in Middlesex and Suffolk Counties to further hinder them.

ICE is one of this nation’s most important federal law enforcement agencies, given the task of keeping our country safe from people who would try to do harm to Americans and of course making sure that the only people who enter the United States do so legally and are properly vetted. It’s what they do, and they do it well, at least when they are allowed to. The men and women who are part of ICE are not “Nazis” or “Fascist Storm Troopers”, as some elected officials who should know better have labelled them. In some cases, as we’ve all seen, there have even been irresponsible people in the positions of authority calling for ICE to be abolished.

The job of an ICE agent is difficult and dangerous enough, without the resistance they are getting from certain officials and being demonized on a daily basis. Blocking them from entering court houses in their efforts to apprehend dangerous criminal illegal immigrants puts American citizens in danger when these violent criminals are allowed to walk free and return to the neighborhoods to possibly commit even more violent crimes.  Just let them do the jobs they have been trained so well to do. The safety of American citizens and yes, even non-citizens depends on it.