May is Military Appreciation Month. God Bless Them All

Quite often this newspaper has been told by veterans and their families how much they appreciate the positive coverage it gives to those who have served and still do serve in the United States Armed Services. South Boston Today takes those comments as a badge of honor, because along with the other local South Boston media, both print and social, we do appreciate the tremendous sacrifices those who serve make on behalf of all of us.

The month of May was designated by the Congress of the United States back in 1999 as Military Appreciation Month. This was done to give the nation the opportunity to express its gratitude to those who have served in all branches of the military throughout America’s history. Whether they serve(d) in the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard, from every war, conflict and humanitarian assignment, they deserve our praise and support. It goes without saying that if not for the US Military, America would not exist today. They are what protects our freedom our liberty and our very way of life. 

Every man and woman in uniform should know that their country respects and honors their service. Saying ‘Thank you for your service’ whenever we cross paths or come in contact with a member of our country’s magnificent military goes a long way in showing them how much we really do care about and appreciate what they do.