College Is Just One Option For High School Graduates

It’s graduation time and, for so many high school seniors, it means major decisions need to be made. Seeking higher education is always a noble goal. College is an option that appeals to many, but surveys have found that in 2019, it is just one of many choices available. Now, at least as many young people are selecting trades schools as those choosing colleges and universities. 

The advantages of going to a trade school over seeking a college degree are several. The cost is a lot less. There is far less accumulated debt after graduating from a trade school. Those college student loans very often burden a graduate for decades to come.  Owing tens of thousands of dollars and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars is a difficult way to begin adult life, especially if the chosen field is not one that pays very well.  A degree in Horseshoeing, Auctioneering, Astrology, The Beatles, and Canadian Studies may be interesting and where your passion leads you (Yes, these are actual majors available) but often they don’t help much with being able to buy a home, raise a family or even put food on the table.

Learning a trade can do all of those and more. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating technicians will always be in demand and pay well.  The military is a good option, especially in today’s world with all the new technology it uses and teaches. Having military service on a resume is proving very attractive to companies looking to hire. A career in law enforcement, being a firefighter or other types of first responder is also something our country and our communities will always need. These also pay well.

College is an excellent way to go, when leaving high school. But it certainly is not the only choice available and, quite frankly, may be a waste of time if the only reason one chooses to attend is because of peer pressure. This is America and the opportunities this great country provides to embark on a wonderful, satisfying and lucrative career are abundant. Choose wisely.