Summer Has Finally Arrived, Time to Kick Back and Enjoy

A famous quote by author Sam Keen states that “Summer-time is when laziness finds respectability”. Well, we’re not really sure how many of our neighbors have time to be lazy; with jobs, family responsibilities and a never-ending line up of repairs to the house, back yards for those who have them and any number of unexpected tasks that pop up. Our time is often limited. But if free time does show itself, summer is the season to make the most of it and enjoy life.

Our winter was cold, our spring was wet and also cold, but now, the long-awaited nice weather is here as this week officially marks the beginning of summer. But we all know this.  You don’t need to read about it in a South Boston Today editorial. But it is nice on occasion to reflect on how good South Bostonians have it, considering we live in an inner-city neighborhood. While beautiful locations in the mountains and distance beaches await vacationers, even when we are not on vacation, locally we have our own recreational resources that are the envy of residents in so many other cities. Here, we have 3 miles of public sandy beaches; which recent tests have now shown come with cool and yes, clean ocean water. There are beautiful manicured and landscaped parks and ball field that cater to nearly every outdoor sport.

It was not so long ago, that South Boston was a place to be avoided by some who looked down their noses at our community. Now however, some of those same people will pay any price to live here as they have discovered all that our location has to offer. And this is the season for all of us to get outdoors and enjoy it.