Editorial – 17 Years Since 9/11/2001- Never Forget the Lesson Learned

It happened seventeen years ago, but still remains fresh in the minds of millions of Americans. It was one of those events, much like the assassination of JFK and the first landing on the moon, that has so many of our country men and women marking the date by remembering where they were when we heard the news – September 11.

The terrorist attack on our nation on September 11th by Islamic terrorists will forever live in infamy. It brought us closer as a nation, at least for a while, and united us in a common goal. That goal then was to be determined to never again let our guard down and prepare ourselves as a people to defend against a hostile enemy committed to our destruction.

But the passing of time very often causes such determination to fade. Today, we are less united because of obstructionist politicians and activist groups that place more value on partisan politics and ideology that they do national unity.  And this is a recipe for disaster, as it could once again leave us vulnerable to future terrorist attacks. It would serve all of America well to remember that if we let political differences become so divisive that we consider our fellow countrymen and women the enemy rather than those beyond our borders who live to do us harm, we will only be hurting ourselves. Never forget.