What Will They Try to Ban Next?

There are countless important issues facing Massachusetts and in fact, the nation itself. High on the list are homelessness, veterans care, the opioid crisis, infrastructure decay, drug, gang and human trafficking activity at the southern border, inner city crime – the list is endless. And yet, we continue to have some elected officials who seem to believe it’s their duty to see how much they can chip away at the freedom that the US Constitution guarantees to the people.

It seems with each passing day, there is another proposal to ban something. The big and trendy things as of late are fossil fuel, meat, many dairy products, cows, cars, air travel – the list of what they want to ban is endless and growing constantly. But now, the list of what isn’t yet banned must be getting smaller, because, here in the Bay State, some politicians with far too much time on their hands are focusing on the small items; bordering on the ridiculous.

Not content with going after straws and bags, some state legislators want to ban balloons. Yes, balloons. And now, one State Representative from wants to make it a crime, punishable by fines and jail time, to use the ‘B’ word. Yes, the ‘B’ word, when used in a derogatory manner, is a curse word.  And so what? Unpleasant as the word might be, it’s still just a word and this is still America where free speech is a guarantee. At the current rate that out of control PC politicians are feverishly working to restrict our freedoms and liberties, one would think their ultimate goal is to see every citizen walking around with hands tied and mouths gagged.

Here’s a message to the out of control ‘pols’ who constantly cow tow to agenda driven activists: You do not have an obligation to forever find new things to ban and more rights to restrict.  And you better put an end to this practice before enough fed-up voters, and the number is growing, make some changes.