Winter of 2018/2019: So Far, Not Bad

At the risk of jinxing our good fortune so far, at least for those who are no fans of severe winters, we’re not doing too badly this season – considering we’re now half way through February. Yes, it’s been cold, but not all THAT cold and not all that often. The 60 plus degree temperatures recently gave everyone a taste of spring and to most if felt pretty nice. What few storms we have had came in the form of low accumulations of the white stuff or some heavy rain. The big snow totals have been in the North Country, where it’s very much appreciated and a thrill for winter sport enthusiasts.

It’s rare that we get this deep into winter without going through the traditional parking space wars, street closings and cancelled events.  Winter 2018/2019 is a far cry from the one Boston experienced a few years back with what seemed a major storm each week and requests from Mayor Walsh for folks to please stop jumping out of their 2nd and 3rd floor windows into  huge snow banks, which was sometimes necessary to even get out of one’s homes. And certainly nothing compared to the Blizzard of 78’, as those who remember that far back can attest. 

Of course, we’re not out of the woods yet, there’s still plenty of winter left for us to get slammed pretty well. But for those who long for mild weather, consider yourselves lucky that we’ve come this far without having to go grocery shopping via dogsled or slap on the snow shoes to get to work.