Sheltered In: Easter Was Still Special

This Easter, most people played it safe, stayed at home and avoided large gatherings. At the ‘request’ of the government, rules were followed. Americans do not like to be told what to do but for the greater good and because we want to keep our families, friends and neighbors safe, the public for the most part adhered to the guidelines set up. Easter with our churches closed made the day at times feel almost surreal, but when it comes to following our faith; especially on the most sacred day on the Christian calendar, most people adapted.

Churches are up with the times as far as technology is concerned. They have the tech skills and equipment to ‘live stream’ Masses and Services that could be watched on TV, on their computers and even on their phones.  And data shows that they did just that and the faithful eagerly took advantage of this temporary way to worship. There is nothing like being at Easter Service at church and in person, but doing so virtually was the next best thing.

The way millions of people  across our country and probably thousands right here in South Boston responded to the  circumstances that made Easter 2020 so different from any other, shows the strength, determination and greatness of a proud community and nation.