So How’s It Going Out There?

The biggest topic around town and in fact, pretty much the only topic is of course the situation with this virus. We hear the talk and receive the complaints that there are people, who are not taking the proper precautions; whether it’s the wearing of masks and/or gloves or staying indoors. The reality is, not everyone will wear those masks or remain inside no matter how others fret about it. But there is something we have been noticing. There seems to be an increased level of politeness, at least by most people, as we get through this temporary problem. 

Whether its going to the bank, the pharmacy or shopping for groceries, virtually everyone, out of respect for one another and whether or not they think it will do any good or not, seems to be consciously making every effort possible to keep that 6 feet of distance from one another. We were told by one caller that she doesn’t believe for a second that staying six feet apart has any value, but in order to not make others uncomfortable or nervous, she will maintain her distance at all times until the situation has finally past. Unfortunately, the visitors to our community, who are jamming the sidewalks on Day Boulevard each day, in many cases, are not showing that respect couldn’t care less – some of them, not all.  But as far as local residents, whether long timers or newcomers, go, the respect, consideration and politeness it seems has never been higher.

One day, and hopefully sooner rather than later, this virus will be gone and become just a bad memory.