Can We Enjoy The Nice Weather AND Follow The Guidelines?

Whether some like it or not or think the time is right or not, the country is beginning to open up; shedding much of the restrictions put on the freedom of many Americans because of Corona Virus. Some states have considerably more restrictions than others and some are moving more quickly to open up than others. Massachusetts lags behind many other states as far as the reopening process; partially because the Bay State has more cases of the Corona Virus per capita than do most others. But that does not mean people should remain locked in their homes in fear.

It’s now May and the weather is getting nice. Beaches and parks beckon and doctors will tell you that not getting at least some fresh air and sunshine is never a good thing and could actually lead to more health problems.

South Boston is fortunate to have 3 miles of beautiful sandy beaches, tree lined parks and walkways created for healthy outdoor recreation. Health officials in Massachusetts still say people should continue to keep that 6 feet apart ‘social distance’ and Baker wants everyone to wear a mask in public.  The good news is, it’s possible to still be outdoors in the beautiful weather, using our beaches and parks and at the same time observe the guidelines we’re told are for everyone’s safety and for your own good.