Vote by Mail Push Ripe for Cheating and Fraud.

Get ready for a major coordinated push for Vote by Mail or Mail in Voting.  Call it what you will, but the goal is still the same by those who fear fair elections. When left leaning Hollywood celebrities team up with the major news media and so called ‘Progressive’ politicians around the country, backed with money from billionaires who’ve made their disdain for the United States well known, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on. And luckily, the majority of Americans know exactly what’s happening and that this vote by mail campaign is a scheme to cheat in the November election.  

True, people can vote by mail now.  It’s called absentee voting and is available to the disabled, who can’t physically get to the polls to vote in person or for those who will be out of town on Election Day, but still want to do their civic duty and cast a ballot. The procedure to vote by absentee ballot is to contact the election department and request a ballot be sent to you. Once confirmed that you actually are legally registered, the ballot is sent out to you. The voter fills it out, mails it in and it’s counted, or at least it should be. But what many of those pushing for vote by mail are planning/plotting is for ballots to be sent out to every resident and every home by mail. 

This eliminates the burden of proof that you are actually a citizen eligible to vote and yes, are actually alive and not deceased. We’ve all seen the news after what seems to be common at election time. Boxes of ballots mysteriously go missing, illegal’s getting caught casting ballots; and that’s just a small percentage of those who actually get away with it, people showing up to vote using names of folks who are no longer even among the living and in some big city precincts, more votes being cast than there are actually registered voters.  

Americans are more informed, and wise to political tricks in 2020 than ever before. The fact that those pushing vote by mail are the most outspoken opponents of Voter ID laws is not lost on a savvy public. To keep American elections honest and fair, the Vote by Mail push that will be coming soon should be opposed by every American, regardless of party affiliation.