As We Continue to Open, Let’s Help Local Businesses Recover

As the virus known as Covid-19 and the restrictions put on the public and business communities begin to wind down, it becomes time to put our neighborhood and in fact our entire country back together again. By starting locally, communities can help by lending a hand to those stores, restaurants and personal care establishments like barbers, hair salons etc, get back on their feet by making those much needed but put off purchases.

South Boston’s small businesses have been one of the pillars of this community; in some cases for generations.  They provide good products and services at reasonable prices and make shopping locally convenient for all. But beyond that, Southie’s small businesses have been generous to local good causes in so many ways and more often than not, come through with generous financial helping hands when there is a need.  Whether it is a youth sports league fundraiser or sponsorship, donations to fire victims, helping those with severe medical problems and the bills that go with those conditions, needed supplies or equipment to our senior citizens centers and so much more, our local merchants and business owners have answered the call on far too many occasions to count. They are proud and happy to do it. So what we are suggesting to those residents who are in a position to help is why not assist our local businesses to recoup at least some of the money they lost by supporting them with our patronage, perhaps even a bit more than we did before this virus situation hit. Many of our local establishments are hurting badly. If possible, we could order an extra take out meal for the family or maybe buy a gift certificate for a friend at a local hair cutting establishment or one of the neighborhood gift shops.

When this is finally over, it will be better for this neighborhood if all of our local businesses have survived and are still here and thriving once again.