Vandals Will Be Vandals

They defaced and destroyed a Confederate Statue in Virginia. They made a mess out of the Lincoln Memorial in DC. In downtown Boston they chipped and threw oil on the Robert Gould Shaw/54th Regiment dedicated to Black Civil War soldiers. And they beheaded the statue of Christopher Columbus in the North End. They have defaced veteran’s memorials in many parts of the country and have even lit a church on fire. And last week, someone or some group even slinked into South Boston in the darkness of night to cover the statue of Father LaPorte with red paint. Who are ‘THEY’?

They are the disrespectful America-hating vandals who are out to destroy anything and everything that they can get away with and that holds any value to the American people. And yes, they are getting away with it.

These are out of control, mostly young, but not all young anarchists, who are not only being encouraged to riot and tear down any and all cherished symbols, but often times influenced by the sick ideology of Socialist college professors. They are being excused by some authority figures, which are as irresponsible as the vandals themselves.

We are being told by the hand wringers that these are just youths expressing their ‘righteous anger’ over injustices in America. We are told as well that we must try to understand them and address their grievances. Let’s cut the BS. These are punks acting out who have never been taught discipline and respect and it it’s long past the time that they are. Those who make excuses for and coddle this behavior are just as much a part of the problem as the vandals themselves.