Voters Need To Send A Message To Irresponsible Politicians

Americans who love their country are watching the rioting, looting and endless violence going on in several cities around the nation that’s being directed at civilians, as well as police and they don’t like it a bit. Every survey and poll confirm this. And it may have already come to an end by now, if not for irresponsible politicians who either justify it with their silence or come right out and encourage more of it. Massachusetts has at least 2 such politicians who have issued statements that could easily be interpreted and are interpreted as urging the mayhem to continue.

A couple of months back we had this state’s chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Maura Healey state that “America is burning, but that’s how forests grow” in response to rioting, and just last week, Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley actually advocated for having even more unrest in the streets and urged her followers to harass supporters of the President of the United States. When you combine these inflammatory words with the policies of Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who says she will not prosecute crimes which SHE deems not worthy of her time and releases dangerous criminals from jails who are then free to commit and do commit more crimes, this gives a green light to those whose goal it is to continue the increasing lawlessness.

The three above mentioned politicians are clearly, and we believe willfully, adding fuel to the fire. They are radicals by most standards. It’s who they are.  If voters actually re-elect these people, knowing now how they abuse their status and authority, in efforts to push their personal lawless agenda, those voters are just as much to blame and just as irresponsible as these office holders themselves.