Southie Really DOES ‘Back the Blue’

Last weekend, South Boston came alive with a big display of support for law enforcement. Some named it ‘Southie Backs the Blue’. There was a huge motorcade that wound its way through every part of the neighborhood. The flag carrying vehicles were blasting their horns to the crowds of flag waving residents, who gathered on the sidewalks at intersections to show their support as well.  Yes, it was loud, it was raucous, and it was noisy.  It was also a lot of fun for those who participated, whether passengers in the motorcade or pedestrians on the street.  And the message was clear:  Southie really does back the blue and makes no apology for it.

While in some parts of the country and on selected college campuses, attacking police verbally and even physically seems to be the latest trend and cause of the foolish, South Bostonians will have none of it.  In fact, a deep appreciation is the norm with an over whelming majority of those who reside here. 

As the mobile rally continued for at least a couple of hours, patrolling police officers could be seen smiling, giving thumbs up signs to the participants and even sounding the horns and sirens in their cruisers to acknowledge the support and show their own appreciation to the crowds. One cop stated that seeing the outpouring of that support was a much needed shot in the arm and certainly helped with morale.

Our men and women who wear the blue, just like those who wear the uniforms of the United State military, are true heroes. They are ready to lay their lives on the line to protect and serve us all. Most Americans are proud of them and respect them for the often-dangerous jobs they have. And as witnessed last weekend, South Bostonians are not the slightest bit hesitant to openly show it.  Of that we can all be proud.