Teachers Are There To Educate Not Indoctrinate

In South Boston, as well as locations in every part of the country, parents are finally waking up to – and in some cases are in shock at – what is taking place in many public school districts. There are now schools at every grade level, yes, even at the Elementary level, that are doing less educating and more political indoctrinating.  To be clear, it’s nowhere near all teachers.  Most are dedicated professionals with legitimate concern for their students and do a great job. But there are some who clearly have an agenda and feel they have a right to instill their personal political views on other peoples’ children. We don’t make this accusation on just hearsay.  It comes from actual reports about a disturbing trend taking place, backed up by parental complaints, some of which are in the form of lawsuits against the offending school districts. It was just a few short weeks ago that news stories with photos were made public of the Black Lives Matter literature being passed out to children at the Condon Elementary School here in South Boston. The theme of that literature was anti- law enforcement with the message interpreted as labeling police not as friends and protectors but as biased oppressors.  

Last month, at a middle school in Watertown, Massachusetts, parents were outraged when they learned that a Spanish Language teacher at that facility decided to show videos to students that many parents deemed to be not only anti-police but anti-American in general. The outcry has prompted an investigation and has the Watertown community in an uproar.  Some parents are insisting that the Spanish Language teacher be reprimanded and even fired. Sadly, these seem to be no longer isolated incidents.  The same types of political indoctrination of students, with the approval of some local teachers’ unions, is becoming common place and needs to be dealt with.  Parents have the power and the right to take issue and put a stop to this practice before it is allowed to become the norm.

The bottom line is this:  Teachers and those unions who condone or even turn a blind eye to this growing trend need to realize and be instructed in no uncertain terms that these students do NOT belong to them or any government entity.  They belong to the parents. Teachers do not have the right and should never be allowed to foist their own personal political agendas on children in their classrooms. Teachers are there to teach a specific curriculum NOT indoctrinate.  This has to end and end now.