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The Month of March is Upon Us. It’s Time to Celebrate

New Orleans has the Mardi Gras, South Boston has St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day. The former is winding down, the latter is just beginning and both celebrations mean something very special and are much anticipated for the thousands, who look forward to them each year at this time.

The long list of events for South Boston’s special season kicks into high gear this week, as we enter the month of March. Thanks to our hard-working volunteers at the South Boston Allied War Veteran’s Council, The South Boston Citizens Association, our local elected officials and members of our community’s many agencies and groups, the line up, as always, is most impressive with events to please the tastes of people of every age group.

From the sporting events and talent contests for the neighborhood kids, to activities geared to our seniors, the religious ceremonies, the salutes to our military; current and former, the concerts, the banquets and of course the big finale – the parade, said to be the second largest in the nation, the next 2 weeks is Southie’s time to enjoy and to bask in the caring and pride that residents are noted for. This year, there will even be a rededication of the Admiral Farragut Statue.

So if you’ve been in hibernation mode during the cold winter, which, according to the calendar, will be out of here in just 3 short weeks, why not come out and take part in and even immerse yourselves in the fun?  With such a variety of events, the odds are that many will be to your liking, it will give you an excuse to ‘party’ and you’ll also show all these wonderful volunteers, who work hard  to make this time of year so special, that their efforts are very much appreciated.