Could Even MORE Taxes Be Coming?

The American Revolutionary War was brought about by a number of issues at the time. High among them were the ruling British Monarchy’s cruel habits of continuing to impose more restrictions, regulations and laws on the colonists’ personal freedoms. Then, of course, came the never-ending taxes being levied on them, whenever King George decided he wanted more money. As we all know, after taking it for just so long, the colonist had had enough and gave the British the boot.

Here in Massachusetts it seems the desire by its citizens not to be buried and burdened by nonstop tax hikes and the habit of creating new ones whenever the urge hits, means nothing to some in elected office. There’s now talk at the state house – just rumors at this point we’re told – of raising the tax on gasoline again, even though the voters rose up against it the last time the Legislature passed a gas tax hike and tossed it out. And now some also entertain the idea of adding a 10 cent ‘statewide’ tax on each bag when you buy groceries.

There once was a time when people actually believed that, eventually, liberal politicians would run out of things that could be taxed. Those days are long gone. For example, The State of New Jersey is working on a tax on the rain. Yes, you read that right – rain. They want to now tax the rainwater that lands on people’s property. No doubt some ‘progressives’ in Massachusetts are watching New Jersey’s plan to tax the rain with envy, wishing they had thought of it first. Not that long ago, the idea of taxing rainwater would have seemed absurd, so can we really be sure that there will not, someday soon, be a study done trying to find some method of adding a fee for the sunshine coming through a family’s kitchen window? Can we confidently rule it out?

It seems that each time ‘progressive’ elected officials meet, they feel it’s their job to come up with more ways to further regulate, restrict and chip away at the freedoms of citizens and help themselves to more of the hard-earned money of working class families. This is what our Founding Fathers never wanted for American citizens. A recent quote by a popular radio talk show host expresses the feelings of frustrated Americans everywhere: “Stay out of our personal lives and keep your damn hands out of our pockets”.  Blunt? Yes. But some things need to be said.