The Calendar Says It’s Spring. Well, We’re Waiting

Ok, the calendar says it is spring. And yet, some of our neighbors are complaining that their furnaces keep running steady into the second week in April and they don’t like it. Is there anyone out there who actually likes paying high heating bills this time of year? If there are, please let us know, because we know many who will gladly send you theirs to pay as well. If there really is such a thing as Global Warming, there are many who would like a bit of it here and now.

But it’s ok. Experience has taught most people that in some years winter takes a bit longer to give up its grip but soon, the warm weather and sunshine will grace us with its presence and cause the leaves on the trees to sprout, the flowers to bloom and the robins to make their arrival with more frequent appearances. We all just need to have a little patience and we will be rewarded with pleasant weather. At least, that is the hope.

Springtime in the city, but especially in South Boston, reminds us that we have our beautiful parks and beaches and playgrounds in our own back yards to enjoy. While most people must get in the car or jump on a bus to get to well-kept recreation areas, South Bostonians are fortunate to have them all within walking distance, which is perhaps one of the reasons that so many people find our neighborhood suddenly so desirable and want to move here.

So in the meantime, while the temperatures hover in the forties, the clouds block out the sun and the wind keeps howling, why not use that time to plan your activities for when it all turns around and we can enjoy the great outdoors? Oh yeah, the forecast for the weekend is for temps in the 60’.