Editorial – All Night Raging Parties

No Way to Make Friends with the Neighbors.

Last weekend we were blessed with pretty nice weather. But in many locations around South Boston, the blessing was shattered with the blast of loud parties that continued far too late into the early to late hours of morning. That there will be parties when the weather gets warm is a given. But there is such a thing as having respect and consideration for one’s neighbors; especially when there are people of every age including many young children and babies trying to get to sleep. Raging parties going till 3 and 4 in the morning and even beyond is no way to show that respect and consideration for one’s fellow residents.

What possesses full grown adults to scream out open windows like toddlers that can’t find their rattles is a mystery. The complaints being made were many and not just from longtime residents. Many new arrivals were plenty upset about it too and let their voices be heard with calls to the police, knocks on party house doors and posts to social media sites.

So, here’s what we suggest. To the partiers: shut them down at a decent hour and keep your windows closed or rent a down town hotel room, if you want to go all night. You need to show respect if you want to get it in return. To the police: You know that we here at South Boston Today are some of your biggest fans and supporters. You have a tough job and are heroes as far as we’re concerned, but your response to the party complaints last weekend, at least in the opinion of some residents, could have been a little better.

The police force is shorthanded, so to city hall, please, speed up the recruitment and hire more cops. South Boston is not Brighton or Allston and we are thankful for that. Let’s hope that last weekend was not a preview of what this summer will be like.