Editorial – Americans Deserve A Party And We Will Have One

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday next week, we only have to look at the turmoil on our southern border to have confirmed what we all should know: America is the most desirable country on the planet as millions; -perhaps even billions – of people around the world would love to come here.

Of course, the United State could not possibly accommodate them all, nor should we try. We are a nation of laws with borders and those who want to enter should only do so legally.

For those of us fortunate enough to call ourselves Americans, we have much to be proud of. There is virtually no place else on earth where citizens have as much freedom and the great liberties that we are blessed with. We owe this to the foresight of our Founding Fathers, who in their wisdom and grit, put in motion the successful effort to throw off the backward shackles of Europe, which kept colonial America subservient to it. Credit, as well, to our military heroes throughout our history, who fought and sacrificed so much to protect and preserve that freedom and those liberties.

Next Wednesday is a holiday that every proud American should be a part of.  Enjoy the parades, the fireworks, the concerts and all the other wonderful activities that make this time of year so special. As our nation becomes awash in a sea of Red, White and Blue next week, we can proudly celebrate and be thankful for all we have here. From all of us at South Boston Today – Happy ‘4th’ and God Bless America!