Editorial – Are We Doing It Right?

This editorial isn’t meant to be preachy and we will never try to tell our neighbors how to conduct their personal lives. The purpose of this editorial is to add just one more reminder to the already 10 billion ‘stay safe’ reminders everyone is being bombarded with each day. The precautions issued to the public from city, state and federal officials are not meant to permanently infringe on our rights, freedoms and liberties. Temporary is a key word here. We are after all Americans and as Americans we take our freedom seriously. These precautions are to try to keep everyone safe and bring this darn virus business to the quickest end possible. The 6 feet apart request, the washing of hands, avoiding contact with large groups and so many other safeguards are all issued with the best of intentions.  No one wants to get sick and hopefully, no one wants to make anyone else sick either. The recommendations are coming from professionals in the medical field.

Again, no one is trying to order you around. If we all work together and do so willingly, we can hopefully bring this sad episode to a conclusion sooner rather than later and with a minimum of inconvenience and disruption.  Yes, we know, it has already been disruptive and inconvenient. But this too will pass and with some luck, a few prayers and some good old American grit, know-how and cooperation with each other, it will all be a distant memory and we will be stronger because of it.