Editorial – December 7th, 1941 to December 7th, 2018.

Do We Remember the Lesson of Pearl Harbor?

It was December 7th, 1941 that the air attack on the US Navy Base in Pearl Harbor on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii brought the United States into a war that history tells us our country was really not prepared to fight. The nation’s military defenses were at a low point and the destruction of much of the Pacific Fleet that was based at Pearl Harbor made an already bad situation much worse. It was only because of America’s grit, determination and amazing ability to out industrialize our enemies that the country was able to overcome the massive blow that was suffered. The battle cry ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’ that echoed loudly for many years after the end of WW II and even to this day was in part meant to always remind the nation to never again let itself be unprepared militarily. Sadly, that sentiment seemed to be lost on the Obama Administration as he once again allowed the nation’s military might to be depleted during his 8 years in office. Thankfully the current White House occupant has made it a priority to rectify this situation.

More than 2000 members of America’s finest perished in the Pearl Harbor Attack; members of the ‘Greatest Generation, because we were not ready. America owes it to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in what has been called the ‘Day of Infamy’ as well as to those who survived and are still with us today to never again allow our men and women in uniform to be in such a vulnerable position.

This week, December 7th, 2018, Pearl Harbor Day, marks the 77th anniversary of the attack. Hopefully the lesson learned on that day will serve to make sure nothing like that ever happens again and that a nation that the world knows is always prepared will be a deterrent to those who would do us harm.