Editorial – Grab a Broom, Help Keep our Streets Clean

Most South Bostonians are conscientious about keeping up the appearance of the neighborhood. Though as we all know, this community isn’t one with many large lawns and acres of land to tend to. But most are particular about keeping the area, including sidewalks and curb gutters free from litter.  But on occasion, especially in winter when mounds of snow and ice can cover the pavement, picking up debris, especially after barrel collection day, can be neglected. The thought is that we’ll get to it once the snow melts. We can all bear witness what the town looks like when all the snow does melt – it’s pretty bad.

The reason for today’s editorial topic is to respond to requests by some of our readers and to echo growing complaints that the streets in the neighborhood are becoming an embarrassment in several locations; some have used the term ‘filthy’ and a quick tour of the community confirms this. So here are some suggestions that those who have contacted us here at SBT have asked us to relay to all.

If you are physically able to sweep in front of your home and pick up trash left by some unthinking individuals prone to littering, please do it. It doesn’t take long. As was stated, the areas in front of most homes are not that big. If you know of a neighbor or two who are not physically capable of sweeping up, why not take a few minutes, lend a hand and do it for them, especially after trash collection day. They would appreciate it.

Keeping our streets clean is something we can all agree on and city workers can’t be everywhere, every day, to do it for us. Everyone pitching in to help is what it will take, and it will help add to neighborhood pride.