Editorial – Great Job! Another One Bites The Dust.

Law enforcement gave us some good news last week. It was announced by Suffolk County DA Daniel Conley’s office that thanks to the combined work of the Boston Police and the DEA, a major drug kingpin said to have links and be high up in a vicious Mexico connected Drug Cartel. More than two dozen associates, and the alleged leader have been taken off the streets in the recent raids. It’s alleged that this organization is responsible for helping to flood the United States, including the Boston area with fentanyl, cocaine and heroin among other deadly substances.

We all know the tragedy that dangerous drugs have caused to society. More than 64,000 drug related deaths were recorded in the past year alone and many families are devastated because of it.  Yes, we’ve all heard it said that if there were no demand and market on the part of Americans for these drugs there would be no epidemic taking place and there is certainly some truth to that.

However, choking off the endless supply that law enforcement agencies, including the BPD, confirm, have been pouring over our country’s southern border would play a major part in putting an end to this nightmare.  Beefing up security along our border using every method available is a must. There is no reason not to as the protection of American citizens should be a priority for every elected official. Those law enforcement personnel involved in this latest drug, bust deserve very special praise and should have the support of every American for a job well done.