Editorial – How Easy Is It To Break Into Your Home?

By now, most if not all local residents have seen the video, either on TV news or on social media. The sight of the woman, clutching a baby, entering a home through the front door, a home that belonged to someone else. She entered the dwelling as casually and as easily as if it was her own place of residence but of course, as was stated in the report, it wasn’t.

The video footage has been played over and over again so many times that it has some locals on edge, because of the ease with which the alleged illegal entry took place. It has put people on alert, because if it can happen this easily at the house on the film, it can happen pretty much anywhere – unless, of course, precautions and security safeguards are put in place.

It would be in the best interest of all, if every South Bostonian took the extra steps to secure their homes with at least some type of security device. There are many on the market and they are becoming more affordable each year. For as little as $50, alarms and/or video cameras can be purchased, and the installation is simple.

With today’s technology, affordable devices can even be regulated by your smart phone.  If security devices are combined with neighbors watching out for each other’s property and cooperation with our local police, the word will spread quickly among burglars and home invaders that South Boston is no longer the place to find easy targets for house breaks.  And this is a message that should be conveyed to the criminals.