Editorial: In Trying Times and After, Please Remember Local Small Businesses. They Have Earned Our Support

There are so many suggestions going around town about how to deal with the Corona Virus in its current form as well as when it no longer exists.  Most suggestions are good ones and all of them come from the heart and they are given with the best of intentions. One suggestion that is being repeated quite a bit and is worth repeating often for all South Bostonians is to support our local small business people. So many of them have stepped up over the years to support good causes in our community. Thanks to their generosity, this town is a better place to live and bring up a family. Of course, we all know this already, but in trying times its good to remind ourselves that in so many cases, their very survival depends on us being there for them, just as they have been for all of us.

Everyone is aware that local small businesses do not have the backing and the massive assets and resources that big companies do.  When it comes right down to it, all they really have is us – their patrons. All we are suggesting and from the talk on local social media, most agree, is while this situation continues, if there is a way we can patronize local stores; either by take out at restaurants or purchasing gift certificates for use at a later time at a variety of shops, why not give it some serious thought? And once this virus is gone, and it will be, and things go back to normal, maybe make one or two extra purchases from our local merchants and restaurants to help them recover their losses. When the smoke finally clears, we want them to still be here; in operation among us and open for business as usual.