Editorial – Who is ‘Keying’ Cars and Why?

There used to be a saying spoken by local people after private property was either stolen or vandalized: “You just can’t have nice things”. The saying is being revived as of late in response to the growing number of people coming out of their homes to find that their vehicles had been damaged by someone using a sharp object or a key. It’s called getting your car ‘keyed’. The question we ask is why?

Why do some people feel the need to deliberately damage someone else’s property? Is this activity caused by jealousy that someone who has probably worked hard to buy a nice car, SUV or pickup and is most likely still making monthly payments on it has something the vandals don’t have or maybe a nicer one? Or could it be that some people just plain have a mean streak inside of them?

If these occurrences were rarely happening in the neighborhood, we probably wouldn’t devote a full editorial to it. But the reports coming in are increasing. It’s happening a lot lately and in several parts of South Boston.  We can all help to put a stop to this by keeping an eye on each other’s property. If you see something, say something and make it a point to call 911. The type of people who walk around keying cars are probably some of the same punks who would kick a dog or cat, smash a window or set a fire. It’s time they learned there will be consequences for their actions.