Editorial –  Leave Holidays As They Are

Traditions, at least to most people, are wonderful things and celebrating the different holidays throughout the year are some of the most cherished of those traditions. October’s holiday is of course Columbus Day, which, if we are lucky, falls on a long weekend with beautiful autumn weather. It is particularly meaningful to many Americans of Italian ancestry. In recent years, there have been some who demand that the name of the holiday be changed to ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ or eliminated altogether, because for a variety of reasons, they seem to have a problem with Christopher Columbus, the explorer.

Americans have come to accept the fact that there will always be someone or some group that is offended by something.  But just because there are those who make demands that a holiday be changed or that a statue be torn down or a certain street be renamed doesn’t mean they should get their way. There are those who seek to change or eliminate Thanksgiving, Washington’s Birthday and as we all know, Christmas and Easter now, even though the vast majority of Americans like these holidays just fine the way they are. And does anyone doubt that there will soon be some who will insist that the nation stop celebrating Independence Day? Just give them time.

In this country, there are no requirements that anyone celebrate a holiday. If you have an issue with one or more of them, ignore them. Act like they are just another day – problem solved. But those who demand that the majority of Americans cater to their whims, because they are ‘offended’ should not be indulged at every turn. The second Monday in October is Columbus Day just as sure as July 4th is Independence Day. Just leave them alone.