Editorial – No Sales Tax Holiday Again? Really??

One weekend out of 52; 2 days out of 365 isn’t too much to ask to get a break from part of the avalanche of taxes the people of this state are buried under.

The August sales tax break that was so popular among shoppers and business owners alike in past years did not, by any means, break the bank or the state budget. But once again, we are told by Massachusetts state officials that it’s just not affordable this year but don’t despair, NEXT August it will return. Let’s not hold our breath waiting for them to make good on that. If the multi-million dollar pay raise the Legislature voted itself a while back didn’t cause a financial disaster we’re pretty sure 2 days of giving the citizens of the Bay State, working families that deserve just as much consideration as any public official, won’t either.

We have elected officials in this state who constantly complain about Massachusetts residents driving over the border to New Hampshire where there is NO sales tax ever, to make their purchases. But why shouldn’t they? The money they save by shopping north of the border can be used to pay bills, put more food on their family’s tables and help in so many other ways. And keeping some of that money from going out of state and in the coffers of local business is always a plus for this state’s economy.

Fair questions to ask would be – Is it greed? Is it a case of being out of touch with the wants, needs and circumstances of working people? Are the stories true that so many of this state’s politicians are actually addicted to raising current taxes and seeking new ways to create new ones? Or could it just be a total disregard for the people who pay the salaries of these decision makers?