Editorial – Play Ball


Opening Day at Fenway Park is in some ways magical. The excitement and the energy is everywhere, as the anticipation of the coming Major League Baseball season brings hope to both the casual and die hard Red Sox fans.

Last Monday, thousands of smiling faces converged on Yawkey Way, as tradition dictates that one be part of a once a year experience that is a must for so many. It’s a day that draws the throngs of baseball fans, like a magnet, to mingle and laugh together with all the other likeminded sports enthusiasts seeking an escape from the daily routine and the clutches of the recent winter cold.

It doesn’t matter your age. Mom and dad with the little ones in tow. Yes, many a child was playing hooky with permission that day. Many senior citizens, who have perhaps been there many times for this rite of passage, fulfill their annual obligation. The goal of everyone is fun – plain and simple.

When you factor in that this year’s opening day was blessed with clear skies, bright sunshine and mild temperatures, so much the better. But the sweetest frosting on the cake this time was watching the Red Sox beat the Pittsburg Pirates 5-3. The final score sure did widen those smiles. Here’s hoping for a great season. We’re off to a good start.