Editorial – STILL No Word on Who Vandalized the Tynan School? Really?

The biggest local story to hit the main stream news media over the last couple of weeks was of course the racist graffiti that was painted on the walls of the Tynan elementary School. It brought in a massive throng of reporters; cameras and microphones at the ready, steno pads in hand, panting frantically hoping to sensationalize a racial incident. Along with the press came clergy members from various religions and activists both home-grown and from across town. Incidents like this should get attention. But the question still remains – who did it? According to school and police officials; ‘the investigation is still active and ongoing’ and no arrests have been made.  But the implication at first was that it absolutely had to be’ local bigots’ spreading messages of hate. This is something the news media thrives on and when it happens in South Boston it really gets their adrenalin pumping.

Though we won’t give rumors credibility, we’ve all heard those rumors by now. Some even say it could have been an inside job and may not have been locals at all. We just don’t know because officials say they have no one in custody. Nothing has been confirmed. As of this writing, there is still no official word. No one seems to know for sure or so we’ve been told. However, when/if the culprit(s) are caught, if it turns out that it actually wasn’t locals who were responsible, we think it only fair to demand that the identity of the vandal(s) be made public and that the same amount of publicity, attention and news coverage be given to the clarification. Although past history tells us that will probably not happen, it should. It would be the right and proper thing to do.