Editorial – The Amazing Tom Brady and his Team of ‘Incredibles’

The 37-31 Patriot’s overtime win last Sunday had most everyone on the edge of their seats. What a nail biter. But most would tell you that even though it came down to the wire and made everyone nervous, most Pat’s fan would also tell you that as worried as they might have been, way down deep inside there was that confident expectation that somehow, someway, Tom Brady was going to pull it off in the end and he did, they ALL did.

In New England, Number 12 is beloved by his legions of followers, while around the rest of the country however, not so much. In fact as the story goes, a creative entrepreneur could make a fortune selling voodoo dolls with accompanying pins in Brady’s image in many areas.  He is that disliked once you leave the northeast. But even his detractors can’t deny that he is probably the best quarterback in professional football today and arguably the best of all time. He is amazing in almost every situation, but especially when under pressure.

Tom Brady is the first to admit that he is just one part of an incredibly talented team.  Together they work hard, train hard and play with every ounce of heart and soul they possess. They play to win whenever they take the field and the fans appreciate it. Congratulations to all of the New England Patriots, not only for their great record and a super season but also for all the pleasure they provide to the fans and the pride they pass on as well.  Now on to the Super Bowl.