Editorial – What is Going on? Are People Numb? School Children or Omarosa?

The above questions were asked by a clearly angry South Bostonian writing in, who, like so many other Americans, sees no rhyme or reason for the importance, or lack thereof, being given to so much of what is going on in our country. The writer went on to state – regarding the discovery of the alleged training camp in the New Mexico desert “Where is the outrage? People being taught to kill kids, teachers and police, reports say that the children confirm that they were being trained to kill Americans and people are talking about Omarosa? What is going on in this world?”

These are critical questions that deserve answers and should be directed at an out of control mainstream news media, which seems to be so consumed by its efforts to take down the current administration in DC, that far more weight is being given to a disgraced White House aide, probably guilty of illegally recording private conversations, than the safety of school children. But then there is another question being asked. Are there those who would so callously turn a blind eye to this threat so that, if an attack on another school does take place, they can blame the gun instead of the terrorist?