Fined For Not Shoveling? Sometimes Things Aren’t What They Seem

The story about 78-year-old Lorraine Walsh has gone far beyond the borders of South Boston. It made the news all over America and even in Canada. As most know, Lorraine, a South Bostonian was fined $200 for allegedly not properly shoveling her walk after the recent snow storms. People expressed anger that she received this fine, as many believe she may not have been physically able to accomplish this task in the time frame set by City Hall. There was a lot of snow that had then become a heavy icy slush. The other reason for the anger was that being from South Boston, it’s difficult for most residents to understand why there weren’t neighbors stepping up to do the shoveling for her. It’s what we do in Southie.

Of course, the possibility exists that perhaps neighbors didn’t realize that there was a need to assist since, often, people are reluctant to ask for help. Which brings us to make this suggestion: Checking on our neighbors from time to time in an effort to let them know you care and are willing to assist if need be is a wonderful thing. It’s what good neighbors do and it’s always been a tradition in South Boston.  And like most traditions, it’s one worth keeping.

Oh, and a special shout out to Christian Galvin who has stepped up and offered to pay Lorraine Walsh’s fine for her if her appeal to City Hall to waive the fine is rejected.