High Marks for Councilor Flynn

Whenever a new elected official begins his or her duties, there is always a wait and see period, where constituents get to sit back and watch them work and decide whether or not voters made a good choice. Ed Flynn, the new District 2 Boston City Councilor showed everyone that he was a hard and tireless campaigner during the election. Happily, what we are witnessing now is that he is proving to be just as energetic and serious about doing his new job as he was when he was campaigning to get it. To say he has hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped to catch a breath would be a good way to put it.

That Councilor Flynn has made it his focus to look after the best interests of all the people in every part of the district has been apparent and reassuring. It is, after all, people who make up our neighborhoods far more than the brick, mortar, wood and glass of the buildings within. But his effort to even have concern and compassion for and do something about the danger to our four-legged friends shows that he cares for ALL of God’s creatures.

As was reported last week in community papers, in response to the underground high voltage areas in some parts of the city that have been responsible for the death of several dogs over the years – beloved family pets all – he has begun the process of rectifying the situation and has called all the necessary players together, including the power companies, to make the needed changes in the interest of safety. Yes, it is the people that are priority to Councilor Flynn but keeping those furry members of the family safe too is also a compassionate thing to do and means a great deal to the many pet owners in the City of Boston.