I Was Just Thinking….

   When the pandemic struck our political leaders told us to shelter in place. To wash our hands, and not shake hands with others, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. We placed our trust in them hoping to be protected from the deadly virus. We obeyed their decrees and they fired back at the few dissidents who momentarily rebelled, shaming them that these rules must be obeyed for the good of the many. So, we obeyed and acquiesced to work together for the common good.  

   Then came the tragic death of George Floyd which momentarily united all Americans in sadness and the realization for police reform. But the quest for racial equality was swiftly hijacked by those who simply desired to attack America, and not see reforms borne out of peaceful protests.

   Reason was abandoned. Laws and order trampled upon. Buildings were burned. Businesses looted, destroying dreams which took lifetimes to build. Innocent bystanders injured and killed. Historic monuments defaced, destroyed, and toppled. Anger unleashed. Fear stoked throughout the land.

   But where were our political leaders when all this was occurring? They wanted us to trust in their guidance, believe in their leadership to defeat the pandemic, and we did adhere to their edicts, and still do. Yet they abandoned us when we needed them the most. They abandoned America. They abandoned the principles of law and order.

   Do you remember, right before this pandemic struck, when our political leaders reminded us that “no one is above the law”? No one is above the law they said and reiterated in unison but subsequently allowed Mob Rule to create havoc in our cities. “They’re only protesting” they preached to us as we looked on in horror as another building was burned down, another police vehicle demolished, another person falling prey to mob violence.   

   Our political leaders (and you can forget about the pompous media for help) failed to decry Mob Rule, allowing disorder to run rampant in our streets, preferring petty, political bickering over the well-being of Americans. They failed us because they didn’t have the nerve to stand up to those who considered themselves above the law, to those who broke the law.

   Our political leaders acted in a cowardly manner and refused to say that enough is enough and dared not declare this unlawful behavior was harmful to us all. They were fearful to condemn the madness and failed to defend the democratic processes necessary to address societal wrongs. They needed to say we can effectuate change without hurting anyone else. Announce we can seek peaceful reform, realize positive change, without destroying anything else. Arrive at solutions to address societal grievances in a peaceful manner without destroying society itself.

   But our political leaders remained silent, cowering to Mob Rule, unabashedly and inexplicably bowing to disorder and anarchy, as reason was orphaned at the altar of despair, and baser instincts allowed to prevail. 

   Democracy and Mob Rule are opposites and cannot co-exist.

   Most Americans do believe in law and order and the rule of law.

   Our political leaders apparently do not, relying purely on situational expediency to guide their decisions as well as their omissions.

   And since for every action or inaction, there is a reaction, our political leaders who failed to act responsibly, must understand that they forfeit our respect, our support, and most of all, our vote in the ballot box.