I Was Just Thinking…

   “Save us from ourselves” lamented a Facebook user in response to divisive and vehement attacks on a woman’s post concerning the announcement that her Trump and America Backs the Blue signs had been stolen off her property. She wanted her signs back and if she found out who the culprit was, she’d bring them to court. Which is her right to do.

   Common sense dictates that it is indeed a crime to steal property. It’s an invasion of a person’s privacy and impacts negatively on one’s sense of safety. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me or to anyone else. No one should feel that it’s okay to act in such a manner. For someone who thinks it’s okay to steal someone’s else’s signs (property) because they don’t agree with the message, I wonder how they would feel if it happened to them? How would they respond?

   Those who hate Trump laughed it off, demeaning the woman as if she didn’t have cause, didn’t have the right to complain. They think it’s okay to steal such property from another. After all, Trump is evil and anyone who puts up a Trump sign deserves what they get. And as it pertains to the America Backs the Blue sign, no worry, it deserves to get stolen and possibly burned anyway.

   If people don’t like Trump or the police that’s their opinion. If people like Trump and support the police, it’s also their opinion. Both should be accepted, fairly acknowledged as a basic right. It’s called Democracy. Freedom of Expression. To say and feel as you like. To be safe in your home and on your property. To be able to have a ten-speed bike in your yard without it being stolen. Without your vehicle being broken into or stolen. To have signs or flags on your property without them being stolen. Stolen for no other reason but for the simple fact that the thief, yes, the thief, disagrees with your personal beliefs.   

   People will say it’s a trivial matter considering the totality of events (and unlawful deeds) occurring across the nation these days. Nevertheless, it is disconcerting because this attitude ostensibly epitomizes the attitude of many Americans who dismiss unlawful behavior and dubious moral responses as justified; and actions to be blindly accepted, without hesitation, by those who rather disagree.

   Civil discourse is rare, shunned as anathema.

   This is sad.

   And needs to change.

   Respect each other, and in turn, be respected.

   Treat others fairly.    

   Tolerate divergent views and allow them to be aired, minus the vitriol.

   Allow open mindedness to breathe and embrace reason and objectivity.   

   Otherwise, please be aware karma is right around the corner.